Nephilim Queen's Tomb at Moundsville West Virginia

Nephilim Queen's Tomb is Excavated at Moundsville, West Virginia .
Woman Over 7 feet in Height Was the Queen of the Mound Builders
Buried With the Queen Was a Man Over 8 Feet in Height.

Nephilim Queen's tomb located in Moundsville West Virginia. Skeletons were eventually taken to the abyss of the Smithsonian.  Picture from "The Nephilim Chonicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley."

Charleston Daily Mail, October 22, 1922
Skeletons in Mound”
One of the most interesting of the five state parks is Mound Park, at Moundsville from which that city derived its name. Probably no other relic of pre-historic origin has attracted as wide study among archaeologists as the Grave Creeks mound which has given up skeletons of the ancients who constructed it.
Aside from the mammoth tumulus, itself 69 feet high and 900 feet in circumference, there were originally no fewer than seven mounds situated in the broad plain at the point. None was nearly equal to the one now standing, and the locations of most of the smaller ones are now lost to all excepting a few.
Archaeologists investigating the mound some years ago dug out a skeleton said to be that of a female because of the formation of the bones. The skeleton was seven feet four inches tall and the jawbone would easily fit over the face of a man weighing 160 pounds.
That the women of that ancient day were not unlike the woman of today in their liking for finery was evidenced by the articles that were found beside the skeleton of what centuries ago was a “flapper.” Seventeen hundred ivory beads, 500 seashells of an involute species and five copper bracelets were found in the vault. The beads and shells were about the neck and breast of the skeleton while the bracelets were upon the arms.

There was also taken from the mound the skeleton of a man eight feet tall. There were no ornaments beside it. These skeletons were sent to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. This woman's skeletons shown was removed from a Kurgan is Russia, but is similar in adornments as the Nephilim Queen.

Ancient Tablet Included in Queens Tomb

Fell in his 1976 book America B.C. (1976a, p. 21, ch. 11) Translate the stone as Iberic
"The mound raised-on-high for Tasach
This tile 
(His) queen caused-to-be-made.

This is only a portion of this article, the rest along with 300 more of historical accounts of giant human skeletons are in "The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley."